Want To Create An Online Program
That Will Free Up Your Time
& Have You Living Your Ultimate Lifestyle?

(Even if you’re a complete Technophobe and are new to online business)

Special Offer Ends In…

-6Days -21Hours -56Minutes -47Seconds

Does any of this sound like you?…

  1. You’re working crazy long hours – More than you did in a job?
  2. You don’t have time to have fun anymore?
  3. You’re capped at how many clients you could have because you are trading time for money?
  4. You’re scared to put yourself out there but know you need to, to grow your business?
  5. Caught up in the day to day detail of your business and can’t see the big picture anymore?
  6. Stuck in a day job you hate and just want to build your online program and business to be free?

Trust Me, You’re Not The Only One!

Just having a product is not going to bring you sales.

That’s like having a shop in a desert. No one will even know you exist!

You may be great at what you teach but if you are only doing 1 on 1 then there is only so many you can do and you’re bound to get burnt out.

You may leave your day job and hope that the leap will just all work but it doesn’t always work that way.

You can have studied all the personal development and “positive thinking” books on the planet but that doesn’t mean creating and marketing yourself online will just fall in your lap.

But it’s ok. You’re going to be ok!

And I’m going to tell you why in a moment.

You see, you can have all the talent and teaching skills in the world
but STILL not make it online.

You could be truly teaching in your zone of genius!

But there is a major part that most people miss.

Why Do Most People Fail Online And
hat Do You Need To Avoid Like The Plague?

Here are a few reasons that people fail online even if you are a total genius at what you teach:

  • They don’t have a tried and tested execution plan.
  • They try one thing and if it doesn’t work they abort mission.
  • They want to hide so that they are not judged.
  • They are consumed by fear and can’t see the path forward.
  • They think that no one will want to listen to them.
  • They worry about people who are doing something similar.
  • They are scared that they will fail.
  • They are scared they will succeed.
  • They don’t feel like they deserve it.
  • They think that they should give away their knowledge for free just to help others.

The Truth Is….

If you don’t have a decent plan to grow your following and create your program, then you will go around in circles and it will probably be a flop.

If you are not willing to overcome your fears and step up then you are doing your potential clients an injustice.

There are people out there who are begging for your teachings. Better still they will resonate with YOU more than others so only YOU can deliver it in a way that will get results for them.

You will probably ALWAYS undervalue what you teach because you are not your target market.

For example… I can create a funnel and a membership program in under 2 hours… BUT… Ask me anything about accounting or cool girly stuff like how to do someones hair and it’d be like talking to a brick wall. I have no freakin’ clue!

What Are The Steps You Need To Take To Set Yourself Up For Success Online?

1. Get clear on what you REALLY want.

It’s all good to have goals but so often we limit our ultimate life to fit in with what OTHERS think we should have. OR… we use things like mummy/daddy guilt to limit our desires. Get super clear on the ultimate lifestyle that has you so excited you are pumped to work on your business every day.

2. Ditch the self doubt.

Work through what beliefs are holding you back and put them to the side as if they are a big bully that you no longer want to shackle you to your past.

3. Get the plan.

Don’t try and wing it and throw pieces of the puzzle at the wall and hope some thing sticks. Get a tried and proven formula that shows you exactly what you need to do to create your program and grow a following online.

4. Step up as an authority

People want to learn from leaders. The sooner you step up and claim your place as an authority in what you do, the sooner you can help more people! Even if that negative voice is telling you you have no place. Just remember, those people who are hanging around are dying for your genius!

5. Be consistent!

Once you see which avenues online work best for you and you ENJOY… rinse and repeat consistently and don’t take the pedal off the metal. That doesn’t mean work hard constantly. You automated everything you can and delegate to the right people. Just keep going.

6. Uplevel

Once you are out there and successfully selling your program, find ways to make it one better. Discover new ways to WOW your clients and have them talking about you to all their friends and clients. Word of mouth is still the most cost effective form of marketing.

And remember to uplevel YOUR life too.

The Biggest Mistake That Entrepreneurs Make
That You Absolutely Must Take On Board To Win Online….

So often people leave their day job or start a new business and before they know it they are working their asses off.

Their business becomes the center point and soon you lose family time, you stop having fun and you become a slave to your business.

The #1 key to success in business….


Always build your business to serve your lifestyle.
Not work your life around your business.

If you put business before everything else I guarantee you will be miserable and something that was once your passion becomes your most toxic venture.

I Want You To Easily Generate Leveraged Income With Your Online Program So

You Can Get Your Time Back Again…

It’s a step by step formula to creating your program, getting yourself out there as an authority in your market and selling your program online.

The results from the original BOOM! Formula have been crazy good. The new version is even better!

Entrepreneurs across the globe are enjoying more free time from creating their online program and building a presence amongst their ideal clients.

They’re supporting eachother daily in the BOOM! Community and spending more time doing the parts of their business they LOVE and none of the stuff that makes them go crazy!


"In the first 24 hours I made $6,000. You Rock! You have totally shifted my mindset around strategy for high ticket. I can't wait to see what else we create!"

− Kris Gilbertson


"It's been 6 weeks since we joined Jody's Program. Our business has more then quadrupled. Best decision I ever made!"

− Kate & Henare O'Brien

Why The Hell Can I Teach This Stuff?

I had worked my ass off for over a decade with my web design and strategy business. I was working crazy hours and hated what I was doing.

I got pregnant 8 years ago and suddenly I was stressed, trying to figure out how I would juggle my business and a baby!

When she was born I’d spend my days building websites with one hand, rocking her with my foot. I had the milk express pump on my printer and I’d use my spare hand to try and get enough milk for when she woke up.

I was so stressed that my body was not even allowing me to produce enough to feed my own daughter!

I felt like a failure as a Mother and a complete loser!

I wanted the freedom to spend time with my baby and relax at night. Not be chained to my desk trying to make ends meet and please everyone else except myself.

I remember being at my desk screaming as I rocked back and forth “This is no way to live!”

I was great at what I did but I didn’t have the leverage or the structure. I was not building my business in a way that was scalable and it sure as hell didn’t allow me to live my ultimate lifestyle.

How was it that I was helping OTHER people make money online every day yet I was struggling?

Life was mediocre to say the least.

I had cranked up tens of thousands in debt and was near bankruptcy. I almost had to get a job! Not only would I have to work for someone else but I wouldve been dropping my daughter to day care each day.

It was time to make a change. I couldn’t go on like this.

It was time to do whatever it takes!

Fast forward 8 years…. I’m living my ultimate life.

I get to travel the world. I take my 2 kids on amazing vacations.

I get to ONLY work with clients I truly love hanging out with and I’m blessed to get to help them create the lifestyle through online “fame” and programs, just as I did.

I had doubled my income 4 years running and my credit rating is now completely clear.

I can honestly say I love my life.

I don’t say this to brag. I say it because…

If An Uneducated Kiwi Girl Like Me
Can Do This Then So Can You!

Yes, there is some work to be done.

But… once you set yourself up, you can wake up in the morning, after earning money while you slept and you can…

enjoy the day doing WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE!


"Jody Jelas is the reason I am successful today. "

− Ann Peck


"I can tell you, I had a 100% Increase by working with Jody. I've made an extra $500k this year and I couldn't have done it without her."

− Garrett White

Being A Master At What You Teach Does Not Mean
Your Program
Will Automatically Be A Success…

You can build a website but that doesn’t mean the people will come.

You can get a bunch of Facebook likes but that doesn’t mean they will turn into sales.

You can create your program with good content, but that doesn’t mean people will even know to buy it.

If you don’t have the roadmap to execute it then you are wasting your time and money.

When I created my first program…

I had NO LIST.

No one knew who I was.

I had minimal money to set everything up.

Then within 21 days I’d made $16,000.

I couldn’t believe how leveraged it was. Once I did the work to set it all up I had a well oiled machine.

In the first 6 weeks I made $32,000!

And my overheads were so low that it was almost all profit!

All because I executed a paint-by-numbers system I’d created with build a following FAST, get my online program online and a funnel that got my message to the world and bought in sales!

I made more money in the first 90 days than I had in an entire year in my old business.

It didn’t stop there.

Every year since then my business has grown and changed.

I doubled my income 3 years in a row!

And most of all… how I grew as a person has been far beyond all the years of personal development I had done. I believe that DOING is the biggest growth opportunity of all! Simple because of my motto…


I will constantly uplevel my life. I’ll revisit my goals and I will create ways to reach more people around the world so they too can experience what I have in the last 8 years. More importantly… what my clients have experiences.

I want to get this step-by-step system out to more people all over the world.

That is why I created BOOM! Formula 2.0

And what’s more…

After all my years of selling big ticket…

I Have Now Made BOOM! 2.0 Far More Affordable, Than Ever Before,

So I Truly Can Help To Change More Lives.

What is the BOOM! Formula

BOOM! is a 12 week step-by-step system teaching you everything you need to create and sell your online program.

You’ll learn strategies to help you build a massive tribe of followers who are hungry to buy your program.

It’s a complete online virtual process to help you build your online business that will create income and give you the freedom of time to live your ultimate lifestyle.

As long as you have internet access you can go through the paint-by-numbers system and transform the way you do business once and for all.

How do I know BOOM! is for me?

  • I’m sick of working such long hard hours for little return.
  • I can’t take on any more clients. I don’t have the time.
  • I wish I could quit my day job and just teach what I love.
  • I want to make more money to take more holidays.
  • I can’t remember that last time I took some time to myself.
  • I keep having to repeat myself to all my clients.
  • There must be some way to replicate my knowledge so I can leverage my time.
  • I have a great offer but I need a system to drive the people to buy my stuff
  • I need to build a list and following so I can offer my stuff to them.
  • I have a massive list and following but I have nothing to sell them and leaving cash on the table.

I could go on and on… but I know you get it!

What will you learn in BOOM! 2.0?

Create Your Signature Program
  • How to get your program out of your head and turn it into a program
  • What is the best way to deliver your program to your audience
  • How to charge what you are really worth and have people happy to pay
  • The planner to break down the program creation into manageable bite-sized chunks
Build Your Tribe
  • Find out what makes the best list builder freebee and how to set it up
  • Learn the Daily Facebook Strategy that will build your likes
  • Discover simple social media strategies to do from your cellphone to build a following
  • Learn how to use YouTube to create celebrity-like status
Your Marketing Roadmap
  • Learn the 8 best ways to market your business and choose the ones you want to execute
  • Discover the steps needed to launch the marketing funnel even if you’re a complete technophobe
  • Learn which funnel is best for your offer and your price point and how to get the most sales.
  • Get the tools and resources you need set everything up that makes it easy to do, and quickly
  • Download the swipe files for strategies such as email sequences to replicate in your own funnels.
Video Mastery
  • Get a shopping list of all the gear you need to set up your professional home studio without spending a fortune or taking up space
  • Learn the tricks to get energy on camera so your audience can not get enough of you
  • Learn how to structure your videos and get a professional intro for free
Lifestyle Design
  • Go through the process to define your ultimate lifestyle without limitations
  • Learn the system I have used every month for years to make sure you’re only doing the tasks in my business you absolutely love.
  • Reverse engineer the business model that will allow you to earn your goal income
  • Use the monthly income planner tool to work out how many sales you need to hit your target
  • Break down your dreams into actions so they become your new normal.
Identity and Beliefs
  • Work out what is important to you to make sure your program and marketing is in alignment with your values
  • Use a simple belief shifting process to remove limiting thoughts and behaviours so you can maximise your success
  • Use the accountability system to keep you on your path every day
  • Get through the 25 point branding checklist to get all your branding set up ready to launch

Who Is Jody Jelas?

Jody is often referred to as:

“The most transparent and authentic personal brand marketer in the business”.

She became a #1 best selling author with her book “LadyBalls” with in an hour of launching.

Jody helps Coaches, Teachers & Entrepreneurs create an authentic online brand, through video, by being their 100% non-filter selves! She then helps them to extract their best knowledge and turn it into an online leveraged program with her proven BOOM! Formula system!

Over the last 16 years she has helped top business folk and online marketers grow their brand globally and develop online leveraged offers that bring in millions of dollars a year for her clients.

She is passionate about helping people kick their businesses to another level through tried and tested business strategies and personal development. She has worked and MasterMinds with top online marketers and personal development gurus from all over the world.

A Sneak Peak Inside BOOM!

What you’ll receive over the 12 weeks of BOOM!:

8 Powerful Modules of Step-by-Step Training (Value $2,000)

You’ll receive 8 video and audio modules breaking down everything you need to do to create and sell your program.
Each module has a detailed workbook with a breakdown of actions
Everything is downloadable and can be saved to your computer to use for as long as you like.

12 Week 24/7 Facebook Support Group (Value $1,000)

This private group is specifically for BOOM!ers. You can post questions any time of the day or night. Myself or my team are in there each day to support you. This is also a great place to ask for feedback from others in the community who are on a similar journey. Often I’ll whip up a quick video to answer your questions so the whole group can benefit.

Access to my list of tried and proved contractors (Value $1,000)

I’ve spent years building a team of experienced and efficient contractors that I trust. Some of the people on this list I have used for 8+ years. The people on this list are ONLY people I have used myself and are highly skilled. Finding the right team can be the biggest pain in the ass so this alone is invaluable!



Full Access To my “Fast Fame Online” Blogging For Leads Program (Value $1,000)

This is my complete system teaching you how to turn your blogging into a solid list and a client getting strategy. You’ll learn the exact structure for your videos to keep attention, build trust and develop a tribe of hungry buyers. I used this alone as my client getting strategy for 6 months and had many 5 figure days from it.


Facebook Ads Guide (Value $700)

This series of video training will guide you through setting up the different kinds of Facebook ads that lead into your sales funnel. You’ll learn how to make sense of the stats so you can get more bang for your buck when investing in advertising online.


Build Your Own Website (Value $500)

Follow the simple steps for setting up your own WordPress website. You even learn how to get a free domain name in the process (for life). You’ll learn what themes and plugins are best and how to install them OR if you don’t want to… you’ll get access to my very own web team directly to have them do it all for you. You can take my team and use them as your own!


BUT… you won’t pay anywhere near this!



Special Offer Ends In…

-6Days -21Hours -56Minutes -47Seconds

Usually $997

Usually $360

Get Instant Access To Begin The Course

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
The success of BOOM! in the pasts means I’m extremely confident that you will be pleased with what you get from your BOOM! program. However, if within 30 Days, if you can show me that you have taken all the weekly actions, and you don’t see value in the program, I’d be happy to refund your money in full. Just submit proof that you’ve taken the steps suggested in the first half of the course and we’ll immediately give you your money back.