The Groundbreaking Program With EVERYTHING You

Need To Build A Leveraged And​

Profitable Online Course...

 For Newbies, Seasoned Entrepreneurs and Even Complete Technophobes 



  • Proven Systems To Build  Powerful Online Programs and Profit Online.

  • Have The Online Program Tech Foundation Already Set Up For You Ready To Tweak With Your Own Content.

  • Blueprints, Swipe Files (To Copy) and a Paint-By-Numbers Formula To Successful Sales Funnels and Email Sequences to sell your offer online.

  • Strategies to Break Through Limiting Beliefs and Manage Your Mindset For Success.

  • Easy Methods For Creating Magnetic Content That Increases Engagement and Sales Conversions.

  • 8 Proven Traffic Getting Strategies To Have Your Ideal Audience Practically Begging You To Take Their Money.

  • How to Build a Team You Can Rely On To Support Your Dream and Make It a Reality.

We provide you with EVERYTHING you need from start to finish to build a successful and lucrative business online...

Including online strategies so you can finally LOVE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR LIFE.

So, if you’re sick of working your butt off feeling like a slave to your business; or if you’re stuck in a job you hate and you are DONE living by everyone else’s rules and expectations then,

is the program for you!

 Imagine if...

  • You could wake up every day and do whatever the hell you wanted to do.

  • You could spend more time with the people most important to you.

  • You could set your business up in a way that works while you don’t have to.

  • Imagine if you were given the roadmap to create the life of your dreams…

Perfectly suited to newbies as well as seasoned internet marketers, BOOM! provides you with the proven systems YOU NEED to create your successful signature offers, increase your following and monetize your vision.

  • This program will give you more time to live life on your terms and have fun doing it.

  • You will have access to our proven “paint-by-numbers” methodologies, tools and checklists.

  • We walk you through everything step by step as you dream, plan and create your personal winning strategy for success.

  • You'll discover how to create magnetic content, reach more people and drive a constant stream of traffic to your signature programs.

  • Be prepared to plan your lifestyle, define your brand, connect with your audience and maximize your profit.

Whether your dream is to create a fully automated online program, workshop or seminar, an island retreat, a coaching package or a year-long mastermind.

This program will help you get there.

is an investment in your business AND your lifestyle

“I can tell you, I had a 100% Increase by working with Jody. I’ve made an extra $500k this year and I couldn’t have done it without her. You’re the BEST!”

Garrett. J White

“Our income has more than quadruled. The best decision we ever made. I highly recommend her to boost your income. I would definitely work with her again!​”

Kate O'Brien

“In the first 48 hours I made $6,000. You Rock! You have totally shifted my mindset around strategy for high ticket. I can’t wait to see what else we create!”

Kris Gilbertson

It's an all inclusive step-by-step online course creation system to take your business global...


  • This step is all about thinking big. Dream up your ultimate lifestyle then reverse engineer a specific action plan outlining the steps that will get you to your goals.

  • We'll go through exercises to discover your "jam" (aka what you love to do), so that everything you do is in alignment with those values.

  • The Unique Lifestyle Number process will help you define in detail EXACTLY what your ultimate lifestyle will cost.

  • You'll get to crunch your numbers with our BOOM! profit calculator to discover how easy it is to achieve your NEW REALITY.

  • Discover the programs, online software and tools you need NOW to run your business and support your business growth.

  • Finally, delve deep with our exclusive 30-Minute Increments exercise to identify exactly where you’re spending your time so you can discover how to do what you love and delegate what you don't.


  • This module is all about making sure what you’re offering and how you’re offering it is in alignment with your jam.

  • We go deeper into planning your signature offers—whether that’s a workshop, retreat, online program, membership site, group program or the mastermind you’ve always dreamed of—we will help make it happen.

  • We’ll take you through a Post-It Note exercise to get those ideas out of your head and into a structured offer.

  • You’ll also learn the best offers to fit into your lifestyle and how to use them to generate the most sales. Understand EXACTLY what high and low ticket funnels you need to achieve the success you dream of.

  • We help you to calculate the exact profits you can look forward to overall in your business. We’ll also take you through how to price it and calculate your true offer profits (factoring in time, energy and financial costs) so you can make sure you’re charging what you’re WORTH.




  • Build a massive list of loyal followers who will be desperate to buy your stuff.

  • Learn the best list builders for your audience including how to optimize social media, podcasting, writing a book and Facebook live.

  • Our 7-day video challenge will help you build momentum online, build an audience and connect with your tribe through videos.

  • Discover the uber successful Facebook Client Harvesting Technique to build your audience and the foolproof ways you can increase your following.

  • At the end of this module, you’ll be able to make it easy for people to know you, like you and WANT you and your offer.


  • Attract clients who become your new best friends because they’re just as much fun to work with as they are to hang out with.

  • Learn the industry secrets on how to get published on major media outlets like CNN, Wall Street Journal, and use media logos on your site.

  • Get everything you need to create your own Wordpress website in 15 minutes with a single click of a button. Seriously, even the least techy peeps can do it!

  • Use our 25-point Branding Checklist with everything you need to design a brand you’re proud of—including everything for your social media layouts and website.

  • Discover the secrets behind what makes a great website, our Ultimate Must Have Plugins and the specific website layouts that will get you the biggest following.

  • We’ll even help you choose the right platforms to attract more clients to your blog (AKA online TV show), and show you how to use it to build your list and get more clients.



  • Discover the best marketing strategies to suit you, your offer and your audience (as well as how to interpret the metrics and make the response even better).

  • We’ll teach you about the different funnels for different offers including events, podcasts, videos, book publishing—plus the secrets behind how Jody became a No. 1 bestseller with her very first book.

  • Learn how to implement the Strategy Application Qualifying Process for your high-ticket clients and how you can use effective strategy calls to make high ticket sales over the phone.


  • 60% of marketers say blogging is their #1 way of getting new clients. We'll show you why in this module.

  • Our 5-step structure technique helps your blog/online TV show to be your most cost-effective client getting strategy of all time.

  • Dive into the nuts and bolts of blogging your way to success, including 15 ways to monetize your blog as your online TV show.

  • Scripting it v winging it? We will answer that question and show you how to deliver in a way that’s engaging and aligned with your “jam”.

  • Discover the best YouTube keyword features and how to catapult your message out into the world.

  • The Ultimate Blogging Checklist ensures access via every single avenue to grow a loyal audience who share your posts for you (saving you the work)!

  • PLUS get Jody’s “ninja tricks” for more traffic and leads. BOOM!

  • Get your brand and your voice out into the world across a variety of platforms.

  • You’ll learn about Facebook Ads and pixel codes, and how to apply the most effective social media marketing strategies.

  • Discover the best features on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Veeroll to increase your engagement and turn ‘likes’ into sales.

  • We take you in depth through our 4-free video strategy with free templates for both time-limited offers and evergreen (always open) offers.

  • We’ll give you a social media planner to help make the most of your time and your strategies.We help you to calculate the exact profits you can look forward to overall in your business. We’ll also take you through how to price it and calculate your true offer profits (factoring in time, energy and financial costs) so you can make sure you’re charging what you’re WORTH.




  • Know what to outsource and when by identifying your values, goals and business objectives.

  • Start building an effective team you trust and can rely on to get shit done.

  • Discover where and how to find people who will do what you ask, when you ask.

  • Plus, save time AND feel more confident in the team you engage to support you with exclusive access to Jody’s own job ad examples for the two most crucial outsourcing jobs you’ll need to find someone for.

Don't want to spend hours messing around with your sales funnels?


You can copy over my best performing funnels instantly to your KARTRA account. If you don't have one you can get one for free once you're in there for 14 days, rip off what you want and you're away laughing!

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After joining, you’ll receive immediate access to:


Training videos to take you through the entire system step by step.


Actions and exercises for every module to work through at your own pace.


Downloadable resources, templates, interactive profit & planning calculators.

"Jody is the queen of video - she's taught me so much about how to organize, plan and shine on video. Thank you Jody! She is the one you are looking for to BOOM your business!"

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Author of Lucky Bitch and Creator of Lucky Bitch Bootcamp

"Since joining BOOM! I’ve had more action than ever before. The best part. I don’t feel like I’m hanging high and dry. I always have support and following the workbooks makes all the hard work turn easy. Thank you Jody! You’re one awesome chick!!"

Monique Vette-Scurr

Creator of Monique Vette Jewellery

It doesn’t matter whether you’re completely new to online business or you’re a total technophobe, this course will teach you how to successfully CREATE & SELL your signature program online.

Lifetime Access To Your Private Support Community & Help Desk

You get 24/7 support from the exclusive BOOM! community inside the members area. This is not another Facebook Group where you will get lost and distracted. You can ask questions any time WITHIN the BOOM! members centre. 


Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to success in any business. That's why we have added AN ENTIRE YEARS access to the private community for you.


Questions, wins or challenges, the support section is a safe place for you to seek help. Quite often past BOOM!ers are in there answering questions so there's people online from all over the world ready to support you.


Our expert team is in there as well to support you with anything from technical questions through to simple logo ideas or business names. Have your videos critiqued, your audio and lighting checked, or maybe you just a little push if you get stuck procrastinating (as we all do at times!).

FAQs In Every Module

Each Module will have frequently asked questions so if it's not in the video it will be here. And if you STILL have a personal question to ask directly then the question boxes will be there for you too.

Question Boxes Under EVERY video

On every page in the Members Area there’s space to ask any questions you have relating to the topic. Jody or one of her BOOM! Formula team will answer it in there for you so you can refer back to it as you need. Any questions that are responded will also be kept in the Answer Vault for super easy access. And of course you can also ask in the private helpdesk any time day or night also.

"I am so super grateful for Jody Jelas, she is a genius at what she does. Working with Jody has changed my entire view on running my online business. I’m a single mom with three kids and when I started working with her, I was pretty broke. Now I support my family on my own. She is amazing and dedicated to what she does."

Rachel Gillespie​

Editor at Queenstown To Kaikoura & Beyond

Jody Jelas is often referred to as:​

is perfect for you if:

  • You’re sick of working long hard hours for little return.

  • You wish you could quit your day job and just teach what you love.

  • You can’t remember that last time you took some time to yourself.

  • You have a great offer or product but you need a system to drive people to buy it.

  • You have a massive list and following but you haven’t developed anything to sell.

  • You can’t take on any more clients because you don’t have the time.

  • You want to make more money and have more freedom to travel.

  • You keep having to repeat yourself to all of your clients.

  • You need to build a list and a following so you can offer your stuff to them.

  • You’re wondering if there’s some way to replicate your knowledge and leverage your time.

We want you to be confident to step up and invest in yourself at any stage of your business. If you’re still wondering whether BOOM! is right for you, these questions might help you decide.

I have a business partner. Do we both get access?

How can I get support when I need it?

I'm not tech savvy at all. How will I know what to do?

I don't have anything to sell yet. Does that matter?​

I have so many ideas! Where do I start?

I'm terrified of the camera. Does that matter?

It's YOUR Time To Create A Leveraged Online Business That Supports A Lifestyle You Love...


JOIN NOW To Get Over $2500 In Bonuses!


Online DIY Program

Online program walking you through the steps to create and launch your online program at your own pace




  • 10 Module Online Program

  • Lifetime Access To BOOM!

  • 12 Months Support

  • Access To The Video Code Program


Online DIY Program

Online program walking you through the steps to create and launch your online program at your own pace




  • 10 Module Online Program

  • Lifetime Access To BOOM!

  • 12 Months Support

  • Access To The Video Code Program

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